About Lifestyle Artist

How to enhance the charisma, to develop your inner strength and power, to excel in love, relationship and social interaction? We use the internationally recognized and the most effective method of inner quality improvement, guiding you how to get to know girls or boys, how to attract opposite sex, develop fashion sense, dating guidance, emotional counseling, love counseling (how to maintain a long-term relationship etc), and to live a fun and meaningful life.

We have members in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China who join our bootcamps and conferences to become specialists in love, dating and social life. Lifestyle Artist is a professional and experienced coaching team helping you through the following aspects:


Nowadays people are busy working, they do not know how to enjoy their life. We find out that an enjoyable lifestyle is extremely important but it is often overlooked. The way you live will reflect what personalities you are. Social, hairstyle, fitness, facial care, a variety of hobbies, fashion trends, spiritual cultivation and self-motivation etc,everything you will be able to explore with Lifestyle Artist.


2.Social Skills

People are sociable animals. We find out that some people are good looking and rich, but they are lack of social skills and ability to communicate with people, in particular, do not understand how to interact with or how to attract opposite sex.

With Lifestyle Artist, you will get a very practical training, including your body language, eyes, tone, expression, and how to start a topic to chat, how to interpret other people’s mind and so on. Here you will experience the power of social dynamics, to win the trust of others or let your crush fall head over heels in love within a short period of time.


3.Inner Game

Your appearance is determined by the inner mind of yours, how successful you are today, it shows how powerful is your mind. At the beginning, the mentor will correct your past misconceptions about love & relationship and give you the right idea and attitude to begin a relationship.

We will help you to build strong psychological quality and self-confidence in a short period of time, you will have a strong aura, a woman will soon be able to feel your charisma and want to be close with you.


The Most Experienced Professional Coaching Team

Our love tutors have already received professional training before they conduct dating and social classes, and have spent thousands of hours with countless women and men at dating scene. We have studied countless materials from Europe, United States and China to develop the most comprehensive social and dating system and strategies. It will definitely give you the greatest guidance on how to date and how to attract your crush.

Lifestyle Artist coaching team has a mission that every student can ultimately succeed in winning the heart of their loves, in terms of skills and mentality, and ultimately everyone can build a solid relationship of love with their loves.We promise to give students the best coaching quality, and lead to the best learning results for the students.


Customized Coaching Courses Tailored For Students

Every individual is different from the others, and each individual has a different emotional problem. We aim to give different guidance for each student with different emotional problems, . In addition to the basic pickup lines, dating skills and processes, conversation skills, storytelling training, online flirting; we have other courses; getting back your ex, long-term relationship management, one-on-one training and other private custom courses.

The content of coaching is always keep updated, because the interaction between men and women will change with time where there will be new elements appearing. Our coaching team are always doing the latest research, content and training must be updated continuously to ensure our students are always a step ahead of the competition.

Join us now  to cultivate your highest expression of value from deep within to become a charismatic individual, a dream lover!