Meeting and attracting women is great. It’s even better when you do it right!

This article will give you some insight into 3 most common mistakes that men usually make that simply turn a woman off them. These are mistakes that I made back in the day, and my game really did improve once I cut doing these simple habits.

Mistake 1: Showing too much interest in the woman! 

Showing too much interest in a girl too soon comes across as needy, desperate and not genuine. Women like a man that demonstrates high value. To become high value you should not seek and require affirmation from others around you. Have confidence in yourself so that other people will appreciate and admire you without you having to put in a great effort in order for them to respect you.

Demonstrating much interest too early indicates to the woman that you are not of high value where you have to put in lots of effort to get her attention.

Mistake 2: Putting on a fake persona

If you feel and think that a girl is out of your league, then she definitely is! What I mean by that is a girl wants a guy that is sure of himself. If you begin to try and fake a swagger and smoothness that isn’t really there,  then she will see through that and the majority of the time she will lose a lot of interest in you. Although the term “fake it until you make it” has some effectiveness, if you aren’t being yourself, then you are definitely demonstrating low value and will almost turn a girl away from you.

Mistake 3: Bored her!

A woman is not going to just hang out with you all the time, but she wants to know that you are at least a little interesting and do things that are of interest to her. Most women eventually want to meet your friends after a while dating with them and they want to at least go out with you to a nice pub or event from time to time.

Many men try to isolate their dating life from their social life and that becomes boring for most women. If you like this girl, then she wants to know that you would like your friends and family to meet her every so often. She is not a house cat, so do not treat her like one.