How to approach or strike a simple and stress free conversation with a girl you are interested?  School doesn’t teach us how to date, neither our parents .At schools, we are all book-hooked and that sometimes can make us “boring, nerdy ” it can also become a problem or barrier ( for most men ) in relation to such societal evolution . That is a social issue .


Along the way, most men might encounter obstacles such as “what should I do or say to this girl I am interested ? At a loss of words, the mind is completely blank ? As such ATTRACTION becomes DISTRACTION. Alas ! The girl isn’t interested in me .  There goes your SELF ESTEEM . That might nosedive to LOWEST ESTEEM!  Frightening, despairing ! Such unsuccessful attempt(s) create negative thoughts in the mind over body . Forget about adolescent stage, you are now in a phase of life ” Adulthood” .Building a career to achieve your aspirations/success, gym workouts for a more defined physique, muscles and washed board abs .. Etc etc.

In this affluent society, where practically everyone is climbing the ladder to greater heights  but One Important thing can be lacking ” Am I a nerd ., am I predominantly uninteresting & tactless ., to a girl I am interested ?  What to say .,what to do ? ”

Let me share 3 main objectives on :  how to create interest & attraction towards a girl who has caught your eyes .



True, Action speaks louder than words . Your Gesture pertaining to gesticulations ( expression ., smile ,,the way u act or behave  etc) Is VITAL .

Lack of confidence might result in your lagging behind your peers … Your downfall .. DONT EXPECT a woman to make the first approach.  Cast aside chauvinistic instinct ., shyness ., fear ., your “think tank ” must be mentally prepared and positive ……are you ready ! Go ! Smile ! Approach !

Be CONFIDENT to strike a simple ., decent conversation with  your charming EYE contact .  Your pair of EYES is “the window of your soul ” If ever she shows sign of interest, that will boost your confidence to another level. Otherwise, it is very normal to receive such rejection .  Continue your quest, that Somebody might be worthy to know, to go further ?

REMEMBER there is: Accept -reject. Alfa -omega


2nd objective:  catch her ATTENTION e,g compliment her dressing, fashion trend  & upbeat  taste, col our n hairstyle, make-up, shoes & accessories,  her alluring smile .     Every woman loves to be PRAISED & COMPLIMENTED as well as Your ENTHUSIASM, will also make her feeling good.


3rd objective :  APPROACH the woman like a gentleman you are …( your boyhood is passé ).   You never know your gentle approach & ENTHUSIASM might SPARK OFF and that could be something on @ when do I begin to find this beautiful encounter .       Well ., well .  It’s about time to allow yourself being transformed ., to evaluate an in-depth of a more POSITIVE APPROACH towards Manhood. Be sure of A METAMORPHOSIS! Maximize your manhood, you are welcomed to sign up for a free seminar on how to attract the opposite sex .  Be the man you are being sought after .

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