SG$50/RM150 – A Long Lost Secret of Online Chatting and Flirting

No matter how you get to know a girl, you will definitely need to use online chatting apps to contact her in order to ask her out. If you are using the online dating apps to get to know a stranger girl, you will need to master the online chatting skills. Have you mastered the skills that enable you to ask a hot chick out on a date quickly?

1. You may be using WeChat, Paktor or Tinder. Do you know some of the most boring pickup lines?

“Hello there!”;
“My pretty, I can know you?”

Yes, and you know these are not going to be effective, but you still use them endlessly! That is because you do not know what is the most attractive opening, which will allow most of the girls reply you with pleasure.

2. You often encounter a such situation with your dream girl: when you text her, she gives a simple and perfunctory response, or even seen but doesn’t reply. You can do nothing. You have no idea what is going on.

3. When you are texting a girl, you keep on typing and deleting , hesitating what should you text to her because you do not know the appropriate topics to chat with girls. You usually only ask:

“Are you full?”
“What are you doing?”
“Where are you?”

You feel very awkward and helpless, because you only keep on greeting and asking questions, do not further develop any interesting topics to discuss on.

4. Your perform well and gain attention of the girl to chat online and have some interaction, but you got rejected once you offer her for outing. That is because you are showing neediness, not attractive enough, so how should you do to date her out? What should you say to her? Reasons for a date ?


For the above questions, we will explain to you in detail during the course.

Now for only SG$50  (RM 150), you can learn the most systematic and effective online flirting method.

We will teach you the “Magical Pick Up Lines”, which makes the vast majority of girls more willing to reply you, and even successful to ask the girl out.

“SG$50/RM150 – A Long Lost Secret of Online Chatting and Flirting” course

Course content:

– High value avatar and social display method
– Network beauty psychology
– How to create awesome and cool Facebook or WeChat wall
– Magical opening remarks which girls can’t resist
– 4 key points of online chatting
– 3 cores of online flirting
– Chat topics that excites girls
– Overcoming your neediness and improving your attraction level
– Correct mentality of online flirting
– How to use the text indirectly to demonstrate your high value and self-confidence
– Subconscious Implantation Method for Online Chatting
– Efficient and Effective
– Method of dating a girl out
– Zombie activation: how to let girls who never reply you to reply instantly

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Whatsapp: +6598573667+60163525260

Have you ever thought that you keep on repeating same mistakes and yet you expect different results, you will always get disappointed. Immediately change your way to attract girls and you will find it more effective. Your experience of flirting girls will be more relaxed, and your life will be more exciting!